Geeks in Valdez

Working Remotely

Work remote yet connected with fiber at the Geeks in Valdez retreat property

Software engineers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals will have no problem working remotely at the Geeks in Valdez retreat property. Whether working, relaxing, or planning to go off on an adventure - you'll find that the property is outfitted with everything you'll need. Structurally integrated smart devices provide a functional and enjoyable experience.

Coding from Tents

Lee Brown first moved to the Valdez property in late 2016, and spent the next two years coding software from an Arctic Oven tent. He found the setting to offer space and solitude to focus, and increased motivation knowing that adventure awaited just outside the door. Since those initial years, Lee has systematically improved the methods of working remotely from tents. The Brown brothers welcome all to experience this way of working remotely at the Geeks in Valdez property any time of the year - snow or shine!

Fiber Internet

The State of Alaska and local communities like Valdez and Juneau are investing in Fiber Optic Internet to create the foundation for Alaskans to develop innovative technologies. Being connected allows tech workers the ability to work remotely from their desired location.

With the support from Copper Valley Telecom, the Geeks in Valdez property now boasts functioning fiber optic internet. From the property, achieve speeds up to 800MBs down and 250MBs up with low latency. This prestigious level of internet connectivity enables multiple software engineers and creative professionals to work remotely, effectively.

Gigabit Mesh Wifi

In order to support the unique high-tech experience on the Valdez property, where living and working are seamlessly integrated, a gigabit mesh Wifi network is expansively available throughout. Ubiquiti Unifi Mesh Access Points are installed along the driveway, in each house, near camping areas, at the spa area, and surrounding the outdoor event space. Learn more about Unifi Mesh.

Life in full color Night and Day

Year round, the Geeks in Valdez property is full of color. Several RGB LED lighting fixtures provide color to illuminate the night in the outdoor spaces. Phillips hue bulbs and fixtures illuminate the houses, tents, spa area, and other indoor spaces. True to our tech roots, the lighting systems all connect to Apple Home for seamless use. Life is better in color!

Network Topology

The property has an advanced network providing guests with both internet connectivity and tech-forward experiences. The buildings have an array of Ubiquity equipment connecting them and providing strong wireless access throughout the property. The property leverages smart devices including wireless access points, Sonos speakers, Philips Hue ambient lighting, Amazon Echo devices, Schlage door locks, Unifi security cams, and iDevice switches. These smart devices help to create a frictionless experience and make each day in Alaska memorable.

map of network at Geeks in Valdez property