Geeks in Valdez

Explore Winter

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It's the snowiest place in the United States. The city of Valdez receives an average of 300 inches of snow annually. But that's in town, at sea level. Nearby Thompson Pass sees 600 to 900 inches each year on average, and during some winters 100+ inches can fall each month for up to five consecutive months.

Valdez has an incredible variety of terrain at your fingertips, with most areas heavily glaciated, at the bases of steep mountain faces, with large powder bowls, longer couloirs, and everything in between. You be hard pressed to find this type of accessible topography anywhere else.

Winter activities around Valdez and in the Chugach Mountains


Friends heli-skiing with Alaska Snowboard Guides in Chugach Mountains
heli-skier at summit over looking glaciers in Alaska
creative professional working remotely in Alaska and heli-skiing with co-workers for work life integration
Armada skis and Black Diamond poles in snow at top of mountain in Alaska
heli-skiing with guide in Chugach Mountains of Alaska
heli-skiing spine of jagged peak in Chugach Mountains near Copper Center
bottom of heli-skiing tour of jagged peaks and spine
celebrating best heli-ski run of fresh powder in Alaska

Backcountry Skiing and Alpine Touring

applying skins to skis for backcountry ski touring in Thompson Pass
woman and man skinning up mountain in Thompson Pass during sunset for last run of the day
girl friends at top of mountain in Thompson Pass splitboarding
skiing from backcountry cabin with DPS skis and Black Diamond skis during sunset
backcountry skier with DPS skis and Armada jacket on Prince William Sound
breaking trail up mountain skinning up fresh snow from Thompson Pass
backcountry skier at top of mountain clipping Technica boots into Kingpin touring bindings
alpine touring to summit during sunset in Thompson Pass

Snow Machining

taking friend on snowmobile tour to see ice cave from glacier near Worthington Glacier in Thompson Pass Alaska
lookout above damn from Area 51 into Chugach Mountains
fun times with good people listening to best music from Soundbox on Polaris snowmachine
group of friends surfing snowmachines after lunch in Alaska
couple day on snowmobile guided tour by friends near Worthington Glacier
snowmobiler ripping on snow machine in fresh powder of Chugach Mountains
snowmachine on Polaris snowmobile jumping powder hill on glacier beyond Thompson Pass
young professional with Black Diamond avalanche backpack and Polaris snowmachine watching best sunset at top of Loveland

Backcountry Skiing with Snow Machines

software engineers taking break work life integration for quick laps backcountry skiing using Skidoo snowmobiles
ghost riding snow machine while friends ski and snowboard down
snowmobile ripping up breaking trail to backcountry snowboard
snowmachiner using Polaris with Armada skis and snowboard for lift up mountain in Thompson Pass

Aurora Borealis

best aurora viewing in Valdez at Robe Lake watching Northern Lights
stay and see aurora borealis and northern lights in rental tiny house near Valdez
band of Northern Lights cross nightsky with reflection on water of lake
green aurora borealis cloud over mountains reflecting off Robe Lake

Fat Biking

fat biking in fresh snow during winter in Valdez Alaska
Fatback Skookum bikes in powder snow after trip
fat biking with Fatback Skookum bike in the Mineral Creek trail system Valdez
boyfriend and girlfriend smile for photograph during fatbiking trip along Mineral Creek to Prince William Sound


borrowing rented snowshoes for friends in Alaska
friends from Seattle on snowshoeing tour in Thompson pass
family snowshoeing on Robe Lake with snowshoes
on hike with snowshoes taking photographs of nature

Ice Caves

happy girl in snow suit dancing in ice cave surrounded by glacier
practicing meditation in ice cove at peace with life and mother nature
boyfriend and girlfriend couple exploring ice cave in Alaska as couple
curious friend with snowsuit licking glacier ice in ice cave