Geeks in Valdez

Recent Timeplase Videos of Aurora

Auto-generated timelapse videos produced from webcam photographs

Day of 2019-04-24 na / raspilakenorthwest
Day of 2019-04-25 na / raspilakenorthwest
Day of 2019-04-25 sonya6000 / raspilakenorthwest
Day of 2019-04-25 sonya6300_n2 / raspilakenorthwest
Day of 2019-04-26 sonya6300_n2 / raspilakenorthwest
Day of 2019-04-27 sonya6300_n2 / raspilakenorthwest

Live Aurora Webcam Offline

webcam streaming photographs of aurora and astrophotography in Alaska

location Valdez, Alaska
taken at Mon Jan 7 12:29:15 AKST 2019
captured from sonya6300_n2 camera via raspilakewest controller
with shutter speed of 8/1 secs at f/14/10 and ISO 1600
tags: Astronomy, Moon, Nature, Night, Outdoors, Outer Space, Space, Universe