Geeks in Valdez

Explore Summer

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Valdez is a mecca for endless activities in the summertime. Valdez has unprecedented access to Mother Nature in full force and is home to many land animals, sea life, birds and more. Wildflowers grace the miles of trails in and around Valdez. Humpback and orca whales make their home in the Prince William Sound. Glaciers nest atop towering mountains as majestic waterfalls pour from the melting ice and snow. Some glaciers reach all the way to the ocean and greet the tide with their impressive size.

Whether you find yourself on land or sea, there’s always something to do in Valdez. Experiencing the Prince William Sound is a must. Surrounded by the Chugach National Forest (the second largest National forest in the U.S.), the Prince William Sound contains various tidewater glaciers including Columbia Glacier (the largest tidewater glacier in South central Alaska), and Meares Glacier (one of two advancing tidewater glaciers in North America).

Valdez has the largest port in all of Prince William Sound. Take a half day or full day tour out on the water with one of Valdez' operators, and get the best vantage points for glaciers, whales, mountain goats, sea otters, seals, puffins, sea lions, shorebirds and so much more.

Excursion vessels, glacier and wildlife tour boats, rental boats, charters, and sail boats actively depart from the Small Boat Harbor for fishing, sightseeing and transport. Or, take a helicopter tour to see the impressive mountains, glaciers, wildlife, and Prince William Sound from above. Guided kayak and raft trips can take you past the towering waterfalls of Keystone Canyon, and fly-outs and drop-offs are possible to reach other remote locations in Prince William Sound and within the Chugach Mountains.

Be sure to also sample Valdez's rich history by visiting one or all three of the local museums.

Summer activities around Valdez and in the Chugach Mountains

Valdez Glacier

iceberg in Valdez Glacier Lake surrounded by forest and mountains
GOlang engineer and web developer from Seattle Washington on guided tour of Valdez Glacier in dingy boat during summer remote retreat
family of entrepreneurs explorer Valdez glacier lake on summer day no clouds
glacier stream between icebergs in Valdez Alaska during summertime hot heat
boat of software engineers and tech workers from Seattle in boat on tour of glacier with jet ski guide
two tech workers on Seadoo driving up glacier stream on sunny day
more tech workers and creative professionals relocating to Alaska for increased quality of life

Helicopter Tours

helicopter tour of jagged peaks in Chugach Mountains that rise up and surround Prince William Sound on sunny day
flying helicopter with entrepreneur and CEO of company through valley over green lush trees in forest and into Keystone Canyon
sales executive and entrepreneur on helicopter tour Valdez with VS Helicopters
guided tour flying in heli from snow capital of Alaska and thousands of glaciers
female heli pilot providing guided tour for software engineers of raw and beautiful landscape
endless green forests during summer in the alpine of Alaska
taking off on helicopter after walking on glacier
pilot and passenger flying over Prince William Sound and Port Valdez to see best mountains in the world


young professional from Anchorage riding fatbike on trial in near Lowe River outside downtown Valdez
entrepreneurs and founders work life integration biking in Thompson Pass
two GOlang programmers riding Fatback Skookum bikes on Prince William Sound
web developer on vacation riding fatbike through river in Alaska
creative design with water on Fatback bikes in Valdez small boat harbor and marina
technical co-founder riding fatback on jagged rocks in Port Valdez to Prince William Sound
startup employees riding fat bikes on dock of Valdez boat marina
team of startup employees on retreat in Alaska and brainstorming riding bikes


leaders at startup group brainstorming on paddle boards on glacier lake
human resources and tech recruiter clearing mind and dreaming of future on standup paddleboard SPU
lawyer and legal team celebrating being disconnected from tech at startup company's remote retreat in Alaska
software engineer relaxed and disconnected while paddleboarding on lake in Alaska near Valdez
startup employees on paddleboard tour of glacier and icebergs in Alaska disconnected
startup employees on summer retreat collaborating and brainstorming together on future of software and tech in Alaska
founders of startup company on paddleboards in glacier lake with icebergs and Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras
UX designer on work retreat in Alaska with coworkers and thinking about designing software

Seadoo / Jet skiing

woman in tech riding seadoo on company remote retreat brainstorming in Alaska
break from work to play in warm water of Robe Lake on Seadoo and waverunner
ariel following paddleboarder and two jetskis through melting glacier streams
excited and happy to have higher quality of life living in Alaska and riding Seadoo on glacier lake
sales executive gaining clarity on selling the future while taking break and enjoying life by working remotely
two Seadoos on dock at waterfront edge of Robe Lake in the morning when lake is calm and reflection
product manager from Seattle driving Seadoo on picture-perfect lake near Valdez
software engineer riding Seadoo slowly in morning after breakfast on calm and peaceful lake during summer

Kayaking Prince William Sound

guide and software architect in two person kayak paddling through Columbia Glacier Bay through icebergs on sunny summer day
imagining the future of tech in Alaska while focusing on Columbia Glacier melting
human resource leader and creative worker of artist paddling together on glacier bay near shoreline of wooded forest
senior software engineers from California on kayak tour with team members for remote offsite retreat in Alaska on Prince William Sound


three Specialized road bikes for cyclying the Richardson Highway to see beautiful mountains and Alaskan forests
tech workers cyclying with Specialized bike in front of beautiful waterfall
cyclists smile on pitstop riding through tall mountains and deep canyons
play the music and share the love with other cyclists when biking in Alaska

Columbia Glacier

tour of Columbia Glacier from VS Helicopter summertime breaking ice
with helicopter pilot pointing to Columbia Glacier on guided tour
helicopter flying over Columbia Glacier bay with reflection on water on sunny bluebird day
sightseeing Columbia Glacier flying over glacier terminal


father of startup founder on hike and standing on rock in stream at Worthington Glacier State Park
group of entrepreneurs hiking in above Kennecott historic mine overlooking Root and Kennecott glaciers near McCarthy
twin brothers and startup founders hiking on Root Glacier during summer a few miles from McCarthy Alaska
family of startup founder on hike to Worthington Glacier in summer on sunny day

Halibut and Salmon Fishing

The best Copper River salmon fishing charters in Alaska. You can camp and salmon fish on the Kluntina River.

woman in tech on startup retreat fishing for Halibut and Rockfish in Prince William Sound
women in tech in Prince William Sound fishing for Halibut and collaborating with team members
python and GOlang software engineer from Seattle fishing for Halibut in Alaska's Prince William Sound on charter boat
startup team after remote excursion and adventure fishing for Halibut from Port Valdez

Water Skiing

water skiing on smooth mountain lake carving in sunshine
water skies and rope on dock with waterfront access and calm smooth water
summertime lunch break time to dock start water skiing
software engineer on lunch break water skiing in mountain Robe lake near Valdez Alaska

Rock Climbing

rock wall in Thompson Pass for rock climbing near glacier
peak with flat face for rocking climbing with snow during summertime
rock climbing with guide from Valdez, Alaska, getting ready to climb
climbing on rock wall near Thompson Pass


see Horse Tail Falls in Keystone Canyon on sunny day
brown bear and two bear cubs searching for salmon in the Lowe River to eat
see icebergs break off from glaciers impacted by climate change and accelerated by warm temperatures in summer
bald eagle in the forest looking to catch salmon swimming in the Lowe River

Summertime Events in and around Valdez

Fireweed Bike Race

geeks in the woods has software engineer leading the start of Fireweed bike relay race
cyclists on Geeks in the Woods team prepare for Fireweed 200 bike relay race at Sheep Mountain Lodge with Soundbox
tech workers and creative professionals racing in Firewood 200 bike relay race starting at Sheep Mountain Lodge
cyclists collaborating and waiting for team member for relay on 200 mile bike race to Valdez