Geeks in Valdez

Premier Destination for Digital Nomads to
Work Remote Yet Connected

Break away from the typical work routine and try something new. Twin brothers are experimenting with an alternative to work-life balance, where work and life are seamlessly integrated. The Geeks In Valdez basecamp is for digital nomads. It is the premiere destination for this type of integration - working in the Alaskan wilderness while still being incredibly connected to technology.

Nestled along the eastern shore of Robe Lake at the foothills of the Chugach Mountains, our tech retreat boasts modern accommodations and workspaces with lightning speed fiber internet. Endless recreational activities amp up your energy and inspire your best work. Join software engineers, entrepreneurs and other creative professionals who believe passion has no boundaries. Stay and work, remote yet connected, from Valdez, AK.

Stay at Geeks in Valdez, Alaska


The beauty of Valdez inspires an ideal environment for a work-play-rejuvenate retreat. Software engineers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads and other creative professionals are invited to stay in our three modern houses or pitch tents for camping - all with stunning views of Robe Lake and the jagged snowy peaks of the Chugach range.

work life integration outside with laptop in Alaska

Remote & Connected

Experience the uniqueness of being remote yet working connected, all while embracing nature. Hyper-productivity and focus comes easily here, as the picturesque views and immersion in nature fosters a new level of creativity. Embrace being a digital nomad with us.

Remote Working

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future Geeks in the Woods property, Valdez, Alaska

The Geeks in Valdez property offers modern accomodations in a wild setting, and it's only just the start. Collaborative spaces, additional living quarters, and much more are on the horizon. We invite you to explore future concept designs.

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